April 2024. Kyle Smith delivered an OUTSTANDING presentation for his oral candidacy exam: how to generate MOFs with tunable emission and their impact on the detection of contaminants in water. Witnessing the committee members inquire about his future plans and offer encouragement for him to consider academia as a career path fills us with pride regarding Kyle’s development in the last 3.5 years… Stay tuned for his upcoming publications. Super congrats Kyle!

March 2024. MaD Lab was awarded with the SciRis-ii to investigate the potential of MOFs as theranostic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are jumping on a research area that we have very little knowledge BUT stay tuned cause youngsters Jacob and Dylan have strong data and unique ideas.

March 2024. Kyriakos Stylianou participates in the NSF AccelNet-SCO2RE workshop to discuss with leaders in the field how to accelerate research on CO2 capture and conversion through International network-to-network collaborations. Thank you Alissa, Jeff and Jingguang for the invitation.

March 2024. Nan Chieh Chiu delivered an EXCELLENT presentation for his oral candidacy exam: MOFs for photocatalytic hydrogen production followed by hydrogen storage. The committee members wanted to hear more MOF stories from Nan Chieh especially about his work published in Nat. Commun. I guess they have to wait for his final thesis defence! Bravoooo Chiu Chiu..! Keep it up!!

February 2024. MaD Lab has been awarded with the COS faculty scholar award! For the next three years, we will focus on developing new laboratories for General Chemistry and encourage students to be involved in research early in their careers.

February 2024. Kyriakos Stylianou delivers an invited talk at Chulalongkorn University and discussed with faculty and students the impact of MOFs in photocatalysis. A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Wipark for being an outstanding host, and immense gratitude to his students – Film, Aom, Mild, Ing-on, View, Praew, Jenny, Disc, and Pakhin – for their warm hospitality and for guiding Kyriakos to special places in Bangkok!

February 2024. Kyriakos Stylianou delivers an invited talk at ACCC-9 (Asian Chemistry Coordination Conference) in Bangkok!

February 2024. Exciting news! Our initiative introducing MOFs in General Chemistry has been accepted for publication in J. Chem. Educ. HUGE thanks to all co-authors but specifically to Karlie Bach for flawlessly executing this project. Stay tuned for our upcoming projects as we actively work on cultivating the scientific identities of our students!

January 2024. Woohoo.. Our work on herbicide adsorption and photo degradation has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications. This has been a great effort from our MaD Lab youngsters: Nan Chieh Chiu, Jacob Lessard, and Emmanuel Musa! A big thank you to our collaborators: Chong Fang, Paul Cheong and Hongliang Huang, and their group members: Logan, Clara, Taylor and Cheng!

January 2024. MaD Lab welcomes three new undergraduate students, Andy, Masem and Emily, who will be focusing on MOF discovery for carbon capture and utilization.

January 2024. Kyriakos Stylianou was one of 19 early career scientists from the U.S. and Canada recognized by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as a 2023 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award  Winner.

December 2023. Yaaayyyy!!! Boomerang Foundation will support our efforts on carbon capture with bio-inspired MOFs! Thank you for the support!

December 2023. Congratulations to our graduate student Kimia Kiaei who became Dr. Kimia Kiaei! Kimia delivered a nice talk on MOFs and MOPs for nerve agent degradation. You did a great job, Kimia! We wish Dr. Kiaei all the best for her future adventures! MaD Lab thanks you for all your efforts and for being an excellent team-player!

October 2023. Kyriakos delivered his tenured talk at OSU in a packed room. Thanks for the support, and remember.. SKY IS THE LIMIT with what we achieve with MOFs within MaD Lab. Stay tuned cause our MaD Lab youngsters have many unique research ideas!

October 2023. Our collaborative work on understanding of MOF active sites for H2 storage has just been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. A huge congrats to our youngsters, Nan Chieh Chiu and Andrzej Gładysiak, for this achievement! This is a collaborative work with Nick Stadie’s and Tom Woo’s groups! Thank you all for your efforts on this exciting work. Keep an eye for our follow up works on H2 storage.

September 2023. Kyriakos Stylianou delivered an invited talk at EuroMOF2023 on MOFs for photocatalysis. It was nice to catch up with many Europeans, and new collaborations are established.  Nan Chieh Chiu also presented his work on H2 storage as a poster, and despite his flying photo, he did not win the Twitter prize. It was a fantastic conference – thanks Daniel Maspoch and Jorge Navarro for the invite!

September 2023. MaD Lab welcomes three new undergraduates, Heidi, Remy and Elliot, who will work on MOFs for energy applications. We are very excited to have you in our lab!

September 2023. Congrats to our Kyle Smith for his work on MTV-MOFs generated through post-synthetic modification!!!! This work has been accepted for publication in Dalton Trans. (invited contribution).

August 2023. Its a bittersweet moment for MaD Lab as we bid farewell to James Ho. James is a superstar chemical engineer who will continue his studies at Northwestern Uni. as a graduate student! He published two first author publications within MaD Lab dealing with MOFs for catalysis and chiral separations. We wish you ALL THE BEST, and stay in touch, James!

August 2023. Ankit and Jacob visited UC Berkeley to discuss their projects with our favorites Jeff Reimer and Ashok Ajoy. Stay tuned as a few cool projects are on the making…!

August 2023. Our MaD Lab youngsters, Ankit Yadav and Jacob Lessard, delivered their oral talks in the ACS meeting Fall 2023 in San Francisco. Ankit presented his CO2 project and Jacob his photocatalysis work. Receiving emails (while on vacations) from KEY players in the field to positively comment MaD Lab’s work and our youngsters’ commitment to MOFs is SUPER-REWARDING! Keep up the good work y’all!

July 2023. Kyriakos delivered a talk on carbon capture at Al Khobar for Saudi Aramco! What a fantastic experience with excellent collaborators!! Lets further highlight the potential of MOFs and composites for DAC! Thank you all at Saudi Aramco for hosting Kyriakos!

July 2023. Our collaboration with Chong Fang’s and David Ji’s labs led in the publication of an Angew. Chem. paper, and the title of this work is fab: Strengthening aqueous electrolytes without strengthening water! Special thanks to MaD Lab’s superstar Nan Chieh Chiu who helped with these experiments.

July 2023. Wooohooooo NIFA grant is in! MOFs, polymers, and POTATOES (yes, potatoes!), all in the mix – watch this space! I have a feeling that this will be a fun project with superb collaborators..!!

July 2023. MaD Lab welcomes two Thai students, Disc and Jenny, who will be pursuing research in our lab for the next six months (this is a part of their studies in Thailand). Disc and Jenny will be working on MOF-composites for DAC! We are very excited to have you with us!

June 2023. Yaayyyyy, Kimia’s work on metal-organic polyhedra for nerve agent degradation has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congrats to all co-authors, including MaD Lab-ers, Kieran, Andrzej, Kyle, Ava and Delaney! Huge thanks to our collaborators, Kye and Tim, for helping us understand the catalytic activity of these materials!!! Bravooooooo!!!

June 2023. Kyriakos delivered a talk on MOFs for photocatalysis and shared MaD Lab’s new results on the degradation of glyphosate and H2 production and storage. Thank you Jeff Reimer for the invitation at UC Berkeley, and as always, it was a pleasure to interact with gifted undergrads, grads and postdocs and discuss about science, and next steps in academia! Julianne, good luck at Columbia U. and stay in touch!

June 2023. Our work on MOFs for carbon capture has been accepted for publication in Cell Reports Physical Science! Bravoooo to MaD Lab-ers: Tara Hurley and Andrzej Gładysiak for such a wonderful work. Congrats to MaD Lab alumni Ryan and Arun who helped enormously with this work! And….stay tuned as we are not done with this; Ankit and Andrzej have lots of new results on this research area..

June 2023. MaD Lab landed the Research Advancement Award!! We are very grateful and humbled with this award to support our efforts to discover new MOF catalytic routes for the synthesis of novel drugs. THANK YOU!

June 2023. Super congrats to our star-grads Emmanuel and Ankit for receiving summer fellowships from the Chemistry department. Congratulations to our Kimia for her award for teaching in the spring term of 2023, and to Jacob and Matt for named as the undergraduates of the fall and winter terms respectively! Bravooooo!

May 2023. Kyriakos delivered a talk on MOFs for carbon capture at Columbia University. Thank you Alissa Park and Aaron Moment for hosting me, I really enjoyed our scientific discussions and NYC!

May 2023. JACS paper accepted! Woohoo! Super congrats to Jacob Lessard, Noah Tufts and Makenzie Nord for their efforts on this work! And guess what…. we are not done with this research topic. More to come soon.. Stay tuned!

May 2023. Super congratulations to our own Emmanuel Musa for: 1. receiving the Campbell scholarship, and 2. awarded with a stipend to participate in the 2023 American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy Summer School. Emmanuel is rocking it this year! Keep an eye for his publications; they are great projects!

April 2023. MaD Lab’s new undergraduate student, Noah Hopkins, was awarded with the SURE fellowship, and over the summer, he will study the use of MOFs as catalysts for drug synthesis! We are super happy to have you with us over the summer, Noah!

April 2023. Our super-youngster, Nan Chieh Chiu, was awarded with the Renewable Energy Award! What a great achievement for such a competitive award! Many Congratulations Nan Chieh!!! What’s next Chiu?

April 2023. Emmanuel Musa delivered an OUTSTANDING talk at IUCCP! He did not win the award, but the feedback we received from senior faculty confirmed the amazing work that Emmanuel is pursuing in MaD Lab!

March 2023. Congratulations to our own James Ho for receiving an honorable mention from the National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowship. Keep up the good work and you will be eventually successful! Great job James!

March 2023. Our own Emmanuel Musa and Kyle Smith delivered excellent talks in ACS2023 in Indianapolis! It is very rewarding to see that people are trying to recruit my youngsters… but they are not done yet with their projects within MaD Lab! Bravooo! Kyriakos also gave a talk in the session dedicated to May Nyman for her F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry! Congratulations May!

March 2023. WOW, MaD Lab was funded by USDA to investigate how materials can be used to prevent potato sprouting! This is a unique project and a new direction for MaD Lab, and we are happy to join forces with Dr. Valtcho Jeliazkov from OSU to develop such an impactful project!

March 2023. Congrats to our youngster Jacob Lessard for graduating from Chemistry at OSU! Watch out for Jacob as he will be staying in MaD Lab for his grad studies, and his project is SUPER-EXCITING! We are very excited to have you with us Jacob!

March 2023. A superb collaboration with the group led by David Ji has been accepted to Nature Sustainability! We are extremely happy to contributing in this impactful Zn-battery work!

March 2023. More exciting news in March! We were funded by the Medical Research Foundation to study the use of MOFs as theranostic materials – exciting new directions for MaD Lab!!!!

March 2023. A nice collaborative project with Prof. Nyman’s superstar Mehran and our own youngsters Nan Chieh Chiu and Sam Wolff has been accepted for publication in ACS AMI! Congrats to all authors!

March 2023. Congrats to our own Kyle Smith for his work on MOFs with tunable emission; this work has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie! A great collaboration with Prof. Zuhlsdorff’s and Reimer’s groups! A huge thank you to Kye, Nan Chieh, and Hao for their efforts on this work. Stay tuned cause Kyle has many fresh ideas on how to advance this research area further.

March 2023. A nice summary on Emmanuel’s work has been published at OSU news. Have a look at the story here.

March 2023. Bravo(!!!) to our youngster Matt Nguyen for his best undergraduate of the W2023 term award. Matt has synthesised a new redox active ligand and a new Zr-MOF! Stay tuned as this second year student is very ambitious!!!

February 2023. We thank CoS at OSU for supporting our project to study the use of MOFs for carbon capture through the CoS Industry Partnership Award.

February 2023. An excellent work led by our own Emmanuel Musa has been accepted to ACS Catalysis. Congrats to all authors for their efforts on this work. Our first collaboration with Dr. Árnadóttir’s group! Pay attention to our exciting TOC graphic – can you see the two birds and the stone? Stay tuned as we are not done with dual-functional photocatalysis.

January 2023. MaD Lab is very excited to hear that our undergraduate students: Chloe, James, Michael and Jacob are rocking it in their grad school applications. They have been accepted by excellent universities – tough decisions ahead of them but this is exiting… Proud advisor!

January 2023. MaD Lab welcomes three new undergrads through URSA Engage: Mimi, Maddy and Dylan. These bright students will rock it in MaD Lab, and explore the use of MOFs for water purification and carbon capture.

January 2023. Congratulations to Kimia Kiaei for passing her oral candidacy exam.

January 2023. Noah Tuft’s paper on photoactive organo-sulfur materials has been accepted for publication in Chemistry – A European Journal. Congrats to the team!

December 2022. MaD Lab says goodbye to Makenzie and Ryan, and we wish them the best in their future adventures.

December 2022. MaD Lab says goodbye to Pakhin and Peemapat as they head back to Thailand. We will definitely miss these two students, and we are confident we will hear more from them in the future!

December 2022. Emmanuel Musa’s first article within MaD Lab is published in Molecular Systems Design & Engineering. We describe the synthesis of MOF-derived semiconductors for H2 generation. These materials offer many advantages compared to their commercially available materials! Emmanuel has many cool studies in preparation – stay tuned…

December 2022. Congratulations to our Tara Hurley for passing her oral candidacy exam. Tara’s presentation was flawless!!!! Keep an eye for her works which will come out soon.

December 2022. Congrats to Tanner Rookard and Chris Flood for their work on using MOPs for ammonia capture. What a nice collaboration with Daniel Maspoch’s group from ICN2. Stay tuned as we have more studies on ammonia capture with MOFs and MOPs..

October 2022. Congratulations to James Ho (undergraduate student in MaD Lab) et al. for their article in Catalysis Science and Technology. In this work, we report the use of a ruthenium MOF for the fixation of CO2 into epoxy rings and generation of cyclic carbonates. Stay tuned cause we are not done with Ru-based catalysts..

October 2022. Chloe, Noah, Ankit and Jacob developed an excellent study which has just been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. In this work, we report the use of Cr-MIL-101-SO3 for the synthesis of α-aminonitriles under solvent-free and room temperature conditions.

October 2022. MaD Lab is super-duper excited to welcome Dr. Andrzej Gładysiak to our team. Andrzej brings wealth expertise in MOF synthesis and characterization. He will investigate the use of MOFs for carbon capture under wet conditions and in the presence of corrosive gases. Stay tuned!!

September 2022. Nan Chieh Chiu has done it again – now with an ultramicroporous MOF for CO2 capture from wet flue gas streams. Our work is accepted for publication in Nanoscale. Congratulations to all co-authors! We thank our collaborators, Andrzej Gładysiak and Alissa Park, for their help with the breakthrough experiments.

August 2022. Big news for MaD Lab(!!!): we were awarded with funding to explore the use of MOFs for carbon capture from dilute sources!!! We are super excited to this new project!

August 2022. Nan Chieh Chiu‘s work on dual-functional photocatalysis was accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials! This is an exciting work highlighting the use of MOFs for concurrent hydrogen production and synthesis of disulfide products. Stay tuned as our fierceless Nan-Chieh has more great ideas to advance this area.. A huge thanks to all co-authors, and our collaborators, Chong Fang and Tim Zuehlsdorff, for advancing our work with their transient absorption and computations.

June 2022. MaD Lab welcomes Pakhin and Peemapat from Chulalongkorn University. Both students will be working with us for six months! We are excited to have you in our lab and explore the use of MOFs for capturing heavy metals and sensing applications.

June 2022. MaD Lab rocked in the Chemistry Awards Ceremony. Our youngsters UG students Jacob Lessard, Chloe Ramsperger and Tim Walz received the awards for the best WIC project in CH462, the best OChem UG student and best 2nd year UG student in Chemistry, respectively! AWESOME! Our own grad students, Ryan Loughran, Makenzie Nord, Nan Chieh Chiu and Kyle Smith received prestigious fellowships and awards! WOW, 4/4! Finally, our Emmanuel Musa, Makenzie Nord and Tara Hurley were awarded with a prize for their GTA responsibilities over the last academic year. GREAT! Kyriakos must be a proud advisor! DEFINITELY! Stay tuned as there are many more good news coming from MaD Lab over a very busy summer…

May 19th, 2022. A generous donation will be given to MaD Lab to support undergraduate research and our efforts at discovering MOFs for carbon capture! We are grateful for this donation; stay tuned as the MaD Lab undergraduates are rocking it!

May 2022. A big congratulations to our own Makenzie Nord for winning the competitive P.F. and Neville Buck Yerex Graduate Scholarship! More to come your way Makenzie! Bravo!

May 2022. 100% success in MaD Lab! Jacob Lessard, Matthew Nguyen and Tim Walz were ALL successful with the SURE fellowship from COS at OSU, and they will all spend their summer in MaD Lab. Stay tune as we will investigate drug synthesis and water capture with MOFs!

April 2022. What did you all do in 02/22/2022? Too many twos correct? In MaD Lab, we finalized and submitted a paper on shape engineering of MOF powders to beads and used these bead-catalysts for the degradation of chemical warfare agents. Congrats to Kimia Kiaei on her first MaD Lab publication, and to Makenzie Nord and Nan Chieh Chiu for their valuable help in this project! More to come on this research field – stay tuned.

April 2022. Huge ConGRatuLatiOnS to our star grad students Makenzie Nord and Kyle Smith for their Honorable Mentions in GRFP2022. Four (out of six) excellent scores and it was not enough to be successful; at the end what it matters is the journey and MaD Lab is confident that this result will not affect their MaD Lab research projects. Watch out for their new projects!

March 2022. Congratulations to Ben Skanes and Noah Tufts for their graduation! Welcome to our Chemistry Club! MaD Lab will miss you enormously.. Well, hang on… Ben will be re-joining us in September as a grad student, and Noah will be 1 h away from Corvallis as he will be working at Intel!

February 2022. Kyriakos won the Loyd F. Carter Award for Outstanding and Inspirational Teaching in Science at the award ceremony at COS!!! This is a huge success for MaD Lab as undergraduate students nominated Kyriakos as they appreciated his approaches in teaching CH233: General Chemistry and CH462: Integrated Inorganic Labs. It was fun to hear from Dr. Henri Jansen what these kids had to say about Kyriakos… Kyriakos is fully committed to continue supporting undergraduate students in their studies and research experiences in chemistry and promoting scientific excellence at OSU!

February 2022. A big congratulation to our three youngsters, Matthew, Mitchell and Timothy, for being successful with the URSA Engage! We thank OSU for the support. These young scientists will investigate the potential of MOFs for hazardous molecules capture!

January 2022. Congrats to our youngster grad students Nan-Chieh and Kyle for their Review Article on MOFs for white light emission! Our review is accepted for publication in Coordination Chemistry Reviews! Great job guys!

January 2022. Congrats to our youngster undergrad students James Ho and Michael Brodeur for being nominated by OSU for the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education. This is a very competitive scholarship and whatever the result is, both James and Michael made MaD Lab proud. Let’s cross our fingers for a positive evaluation!

January 2022. Nice article from OSU’s Steve Lunderberg on our CO2 conversion paper. It definitely attracted some attention! Thanks Steve!

December 2021. Another publication from MaD Lab! Kyle and Chloe used porphyrin MOFs to easily detect acidic pesticides in water. This will appear in the Pioneering Investigators’ issue in Chem. Comm. Excellent collaboration with Kye and Tim! More collaborations with Tim’s lab are under way!

December 2021. Bravo to our stars David, Ryan and Belle for their recent manuscript which has been accepted in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. In this work, we describe the use of lanthanide based MOFs for the wet and mixed gas conversion of CO2 to value added products. Great collaboration with Andrzej and Alissa from Columbia University, and Nakul and David from the University of Cambridge.

December 2021. We welcome a few UG students to MaD Lab; Matthew Nguyen, Emily Ammereal, Michale Brodeur and Karlie Wiese! These students have cool ideas on how MOFs can be used to purify water and in education. Stay tuned!

November 2021. Bravo to our Chloe Ramsperger for being named the undergraduate student of the Fall term in Chemistry. Chloe is an amazing TA in Gen. Chem. and a superb scientist in the lab. Stay tuned as her publication will be soon online!

October 2021. Our collaborative work with Concha and Pepe from ICMAB in Barcelona is accepted for publication in ACS Applied Nano Materials! Yayyy! Good job Amirali et al.

October 2021. MaD Lab welcomes Lewis who desires to test the use of MOFs in healthcare applications. Lots of NMRs will be collected soon…

October 2021. MaD Lab welcomes Alex and Benjamin, and says goodbye to Bella! Keep an eye on Alex and Benjamin as they have new and fresh MOF ideas..

September 2021. Kyriakos was awarded with the James H. Krueger Faculty Teaching Award! WOW! What a great way to start the F2021 term! Thanks to my nominators Margie Haak and Chris Pastorek!

September 16th, 2021. F2021 starts and we are back in the class in person! What a year the last year has been.. Pffff.. Happy to see Corvallis full of new UG students!

August 30th, 2021. Our Konstantinos JR was born! Welcome to our family!

June 2021. Our remote visit to Philander Lee Elementary School at Canby, Oregon was awesome.  Nice to see these kids being active with the assembly of marshmallow-MOFs, and their questions on how MOFs can produce hydrogen!

June 2021. Kyriakos and MaD Lab are super sad: our golden boys Sam and David are leaving us and moving on with their careers. Sam is moving to Intel as a process engineer, and David in grad school at the University of Delaware. We will miss you Sam and David! GOOD LUCK! Keep in touch!

June 2021. MaD Lab welcomes a new UG student, Finn! Happy to have you in our team Finn!

May 2021. What a great representation of MaD Lab in the Chemistry Awards Ceremony 2021. Many congrats to our own: Makenzie, Tanner, Tara, Chloe, Sam and Ryan for your prizes! I would like to congratulate ALL MaD Lab-ers for your hard work in this challenging year.. Keep up the good work y’all!

May 2021. MaD Lab welcomes Ryan, James and Keenan! They will work with MOFs, MOFs and MOFs. We all love MOFs!

April 2021. Our Chloe Ramsperger appears on the Dean’s list for the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter 2021! Congratulations Chloe, 2-out-of-2 in April 2021! Keep up the good work!

April 2021. Super-exciting news: our youngster undergraduate students Chloe and Chris were successful with the SURE fellowship! This is a huge achievement! Congratulations to both of you! Stay tuned as they will both investigate the reactivity of MOFs for the capture and/or recovery of molecules. A big thanks to COS for the continuous support!

March 2021. Congrats to Tara for doing great defending her project during her 1st committee meeting! More to come soon… Stay tuned!

March 2021. Ryan gets an honorable mention for his NSF GRFP MOF-focused project. Almost there Ryan; we will land this next year. Your project is superb!

March 2021. Murdock funding for the assembly of a continuous flow reactor with lots of analytical instrumentation is landed! A big thanks to Doug Keszler for leading this effort – always nice to interact with you! Stay tuned as we will investigate the formation pathways of MOFs and optimize their synthesis!

March 2021. Congrats to Kimia for passing on her 1st committee meeting! Good job Kimia!

March 2021. Another great work by the photocat. expert Alina Kampouri is published in ACS AMI! Congrats to our own Makenzie for contributing to this work! First but not the last for you Makenzie, you have a great future ahead of you! In this work, we describe the MOF/MOF heterojunction as a strategy to enhance the hydrogen production rate!  Thanks to all collaborators from EPFL and OSU!

March 2021. He said YES…! MaD Lab is super duper excited to welcome Ryan Loughran as a grad student in our dynamic group. Ryan will join us in Corvallis in the summer.

February 2021. MaD Lab welcomes two new YounGster UG students, Chloe and Noah!  They both have UG research experience working in the Koley and Beaudry labs and now, they will investigate the reactivity of MOFs for advanced applications!

February 2021. SciRIS-ii is landed to explore MOFs for the detection of contaminants. Thank you COS, OSU for the support.

January 2021. WOW! Our UG students, Ava, Chris, Carson, and Christina have all been successful with the URSA Engage program at OSU! Stay tuned y’all cause these students have nice and fresh MOF ideas…

January 2021. Congratulation to our UG star student Samuel Wolff for being selected as the UG student of the fall term 2020 in chemistry at OSU! Good luck Sam with your interview with our head!

January 2021. Farrokh’s, Alina’s and Sam’s work on MOFs for photocatalysis is accepted for publication in ACS AMI! Congratulations to all! First paper for our UG student Sam (this is the 1st of many)! Great collaboration with the groups led by Jung-Hoon Lee and Xiulei (David) Ji!

January 2021. MaD Lab welcomes four new YounGster undergraduate students! Cristina, Ava, Carson, and Christopher will investigate the potential of MOFs in energy and environmental applications. We are super excited to have you in our group!

January 1st, 2021. MaD Lab wishes y’all a Happy New Year full of health and happiness!

December 28th, 2020. Arun’s and David’s work on biogas separations with robust MOFs has been accepted for publication in Applied Materials Today! A great collaboration with Jorge Navarro from the University of Granada! Congratulations y’all! This is the first (of many…) papers for my UG student David Le!

December 25th, 2020. Merry Christmas y’all!

December 4th, 2020. Final CH220 class. We made it in these unprecedented times and we are all healthy. Good luck y’all with your exams and happy holidays!

November 25th, 2020. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

September 2020. New grad (Ph.D.) students join MaD Lab! Welcome, Kyle Smith, Makenzie Nord, and Tanner Rookart. Exciting MOF-times ahead of you and MaD Lab!

September 2020. Mad Lab welcomes Nan-Chieh Chiu. Nan-Chieh is an M.Sc. student and he will investigate the potential of MOFs for optics.

September 25th, 2020. CH220: Careers in Chemistry starts and we are excited to welcome our 1st-year chemistry undergraduate students at OSU. In CH220, we will be discussing about chemistry paths and careers, networking, negotiating, communication, imposter syndrome, and many many more topics. Guest speakers with diverse backgrounds and experiences will participate in our class too!

September 16th, 2020. The new academic year 2020-2021 starts!

September 11th, 2020. Congratulations to Mr. Stavroula Kampouri for becoming Dr. Stavroula Kampouri! MIT is fortunate to have you – καλή τύχη Αλίνα!!

September 4th, 2020. Congratulations to Mr. Bardiya Valizadeh for becoming Dr. Bardiya Valizadeh! MaD Lab wishes you good luck in your next steps!

August 26th, 2020. Maria Soumela was born and she is so tiny and cute! Super exciting times!

August 14th, 2020. Congratulations to Mr. Serhii Shyshkanov for becoming Dr. Serhii Shyshkanov! All the best for your future adventures!

July 2020. Excellent collaboration with Tu, Ian, Jung-Hoon, and Prof D. Stephen on MOFs for ammonia capture led to the publication of a Chem. Commun. paper. Stay tuned for the front cover as it is COVID-current and awesome! Congrats Ian for your 1st paper with MaD Lab!

June 2020. Sylvain’s work on the capture of aromatic volatile organic compounds with MOFs has been accepted for publication in Inorg. Chem. Congrats to all co-authors!

June 2020. Our work on CO2 conversion with a hybrid material MOF/Ru nanoparticle has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. As always, excellent collaboration with Prof. Dyson’s group at EPFL. Congrats to all co-authors!

May 2020. Ms. Thao Mi Anthony is awarded with the SURE award and therefore, she will be spending her summertime in MaD Lab to study the capture of laughing gas with bio-MOFs. Well-deserved Thao Mi!

May 2020. Our new publication on MOFs with enhanced near-infrared emission is accepted for publication in J. Mater. Chem. A. Congrats to Tu for leading this project, and a big thanks to our collaborators Drs. Petoud and Eliseeva for the great collaboration.

May 22nd, 2020. Congratulations to Mr. Arunraj Chidambaram for becoming Dr. Arunraj Chidambaram. MaD Lab is sad for turning us down, but wishes you good luck in your future industrial adventures!

April 2020. Kyriakos’ first NSF proposal was not supported for funding. Mixed feelings over the good and not so good reviews.

March 2020. Our collaborative project with Profs. Pepe Giner and Jorge Navarro ended up in JACS! Yayyy! Superb job from Lei and Arun! Congratulations to all co-authors!

March 2020. Sam’s and Davide’s work on lanthanide-MOFs has been accepted for publication in Chemical Science – what a journey with this work. Congrats to all co-authors.

February 2020. Ms. Thao Mi Anthony and Mr. Mathew Meade (both UGs) join MaD Lab.

January 2020. MaD Lab welcomes Mr. Ian Harreschou, an undergraduate student in chemical engineering.

January 2020. MaD Lab is awarded with the Betty Wang award to build up a microwave reactor. A collaborative project with Prof. May Nyman and Dr. Todd Miller.

January 2020. Mr. David Le lands the DeLoach Scholarship to investigate the use of MOFs for carbon capture! Many congrats David!
January 1st, 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR! MaD Lab wishes you a year full of health, happiness, and with many scientific successes!

December 2020. Perhaps a highlight in Kyriakos’ career – our work on carbon capture with MOFs is now online in Nature! An excellent collaboration between chemists, engineers, and theorists! Congrats to Arun and Pete for such amazing work!

December 5th, 2019. Congratulations to Mr. Andrzej Gładysiak for becoming Dr. Andrzej Gładysiak! Columbia University is Andrzej’s next stop…

November 2020. MaD Lab welcomes Mr. Samuel Wolff (UG) from chemistry.

October 2019. MaD Lab welcomes Ms. Tara Hurley (G). Tara in collaboration with Prof. Vince Remcho’s group will investigate the potential of MOFs for separations.

October 2019. MaD Lab welcomes Mr. David Le (UG) and Ms. Kimia Kiaei (G) – the first students to join MaD Lab.

October 15th, 2019. Congratulations to Mrs. Samantha Anderson for becoming (the first from LSMO_exp) Dr. Samantha Anderson! A bright future is ahead for Sam with her DePoly!

September 16th, 2019. Kyriakos is finally in Corvallis to join the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University and lead the Materials Discovery Laboratory (MaD Lab). Exciting times!

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